Ink Trader

Ink Trader

Patch 3.0.8 adds an Ink Trader in Dalaran. Jessica Sellers offers:

  • 17 December 2008
  • Inscription, dalaran, ink

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  1. Nils, December 2008:

    Thank goodness!

    About time something was done about Snowfall Ink!

  2. Zerian, December 2008:

    Where's she located? :D
    can't find her!

  3. Nils, December 2008:

    Who know how long until 3.0.8 is released. At least it is being tested on the PTR.

  4. el, December 2008:

    Jessica Sellers is in the Dalaran Inscription store (with 3.0.8).

  5. Semira, December 2008:

    Where is there a quote for the patch notes about this new NPC Merchant? Or is this something that will only go to the Test Realm and not planned for Live, to help Testers?

  6. Tahum, December 2008:

    Would be nice to get source for this, because i couldn't find anything about this in PTR notes.

  7. el, January 2009:

    The source is El on the Spanish EU PTR (since I cannot login to the English PTR). There's an image here.

    When Blizzard add NPCs to assist testers, they are normally temporary objects in the game world (they disappear when the server restarts). Temporary vendors only normally appear for items that are difficult to gain on a test server - perhaps requiring discovery or reputation. In this case there is no content to test that requires this vendor. And all these inks can be farmed effectively by gathering herbs anyway, as on live servers.

    Most professions changes never appear in the patch notes. Indeed, I suspect the majority of all changes to the game are never documented by Blizzard.

    There are lots of changes lurking in 3.0.8. For example, down in the Underbelly there is a new angler who talks about catching a shark... but 2000 catches and 3 Giant Sewer Rats later, I still haven't caught anything new. In contrast, the Ink Trader is easy to spot.

  8. Tahum, January 2009:

    Thank you for response and amazing guide.

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