Mists of Pandaria

Summarises Inscription changes and additions in Mists of Pandaria. MoP is the fourth expansion to the World of Warcraft. On this page:

Warning: Archive content. Information here may no longer be correct. Refer to the main chapters of El's Inscription for current information.


Mists of Pandaria (MoP) adds another rank - Zen Master Scribe. This is trained at 500 skill (and level 80), and takes the maximum skill to 600. Both new rank and trained techniques can be learnt from any Inscription trainer, once you have upgraded.

Leveling from 500 (or 525) to 600 is straightforward. Approximately 180 Pandarian herbs will be needed (see below).


Changes have occurred to the majority of existing glyphs:

Few of these changes affect the profession of Inscription directly: Renamed or re-classified glyphs simply replace an existing glyph, so there is no need to re-train.

There are a few exceptions - glyphs which have been completely removed. Removed glyphs become grey junk items, and can no longer be made. Known removed glyphs are: Death Strike, Frostbolt, Heart Strike, Rune Strike, Scourge Strike, and Shadowburn.

Entirely new glyphs have been added, especially for Monks. New glyphs are either trained (mostly between skills 300 and 500) or discovered using Scroll of Wisdom Research (described below).

Glyphs discovered via Book of Glyph Mastery are now reported to also be possible to discover using Northrend Glyph Research.

Patch 5.4 added more new glyphs. Techniques are Pandaria world drops, some only from creatures on the Timeless Isle.


Pandaria contains a new tier of herbs, all of which can be milled with 500 Inscription skill:

A random herb plant may also be grown on your Tillers farm, Sunsong Ranch, although gathering plants from the wild is normally more effective.

These herbs mill into 2 pigment types:

As with previous tiers of herb milling, there is some evidence that higher item-level herbs yield more pigment. This is especially important for Misty Pigment: Fool's Cap gives significantly more uncommon pigment than Green Tea Leaf.

Ink Traders

Exchanges are now:


The new research ability is Scroll of Wisdom Research. This is trained at skill 525, and discovers a range of glyphs made with Ink of Dreams. Scroll of Wisdom Research has a daily cooldown, with one (apparently guaranteed) discovery per day.

In addition to discoveries, the research creates an item called Scroll of Wisdom. This item is bound to the scribe, and used in certain high-end techniques, such as staves and Darkmoon Cards (described below).

Glyphs discovered via Book of Glyph Mastery are now reported to also be possible to discover using Northrend Glyph Research.

Darkmoon Cards

MoP adds a new level 90 tier of Darkmoon cards, decks and trinkets, similar to before: 8 cards (Ace through Eight) combine into a deck which anyone can use to gain an epic trinket from the Darkmoon Faire.

There is one important change: Each Darkmoon Card of Mists requires a Scroll of Wisdom (in addition to parchment and ink). Scroll of Wisdom are primarily from daily research, with a few more available each week via Quests. Scroll of Wisdom may also rarely be found in Treasures of the Vale a reward from certain Golden Lotus daily quests. Scroll of Wisdom are bound to the scribe, so cannot be traded.

Shoulder Inscriptions

Scribes can now make trade-able Shoulder Inscriptions, usable by non-scribes of level 85 or above. This gives scribes something simpler to sell than Glyphs, but which is not as complex to make as Darkmoon Cards.

There is also a new tier of scribe-only Shoulder Inscriptions. These are worth an extra 4 primary stat - Agility, Intellect, Stamina, or Strength - more for Stamina.


Scribes can now make staves.

Notable are epic-quality account-bound staff: Inscribed Crane Staff, Inscribed Serpent Staff and Inscribed Tiger Staff. These can be sent to, and used by, the scribe's employees (alts).


Chi-ji Kite
Chi-ji Kite

Techniques to make a pair of minipets, Chi-ji Kite and Yu'lon Kite, are trained at 600 skill. Both make non-bound kites, which can be used by non-scribes. Neither Kite can be used as a Battlepet.


"Weekly" (although due to a glitch, repeatable indefinitely) Inscription Quests can be found at The Arboretum in The Jade Forest. These quests require several quest-only items to be made. They allow a small number of Spirit of Harmony to be exchanged for Scroll of Wisdom. Scroll of Wisdom are otherwise restricted by daily cooldown research.

Other Notable Changes

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