Milling Skill Required

Lists the skill required to mill different herbs and create Pigments. On this page:

What is Milling? For a basic introduction to Milling, see Milling.


The table below shows the Inscription skill required to mill each known herb.

HerbInscription Skill to MillPigments Produced
Adder's Tongue325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Ancient Lichen275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Arthas' Tears175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Azshara's Veil450Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Blindweed175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Briarthorn25Dusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
Bruiseweed25Dusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
Cinderbloom425Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Deadnettle325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Desecrated Herb500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Dragon's Teeth125Emerald PigmentIndigo Pigment
Dreamfoil225Silvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
Dreaming Glory275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Earthroot1Alabaster Pigment-
Fadeleaf125Emerald PigmentIndigo Pigment
Felweed275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Fire Leaf325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Firebloom175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Fireweed1Cerulean Pigment-
Fool's Cap500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Frostweed1Cerulean Pigment-
Ghost Mushroom175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Goldclover325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Golden Sansam225Silvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
Goldthorn125Emerald PigmentIndigo Pigment
Gorgrond Flytrap1Cerulean Pigment-
Grave Moss75Golden PigmentBurnt Pigment
Green Tea Leaf500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Gromsblood175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Heartblossom450Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Icecap225Silvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
Icethorn325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Khadgar's Whisker125Emerald PigmentIndigo Pigment
Kingsblood75Golden PigmentBurnt Pigment
Lichbloom325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Liferoot75Golden PigmentBurnt Pigment
Mageroyal25Dusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
Mana Thistle275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Mountain Silversage225Silvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
Nagrand Arrowbloom1Cerulean Pigment-
Netherbloom275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Nightmare Vine275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Peacebloom1Alabaster Pigment-
Purple Lotus175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Ragveil275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Rain Poppy500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Silkweed500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Silverleaf1Alabaster Pigment-
Snow Lily500Shadow PigmentMisty Pigment
Sorrowmoss225Silvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
Starflower1Cerulean Pigment-
Stormvine425Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Stranglekelp25Dusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
Sungrass175Violet PigmentRuby Pigment
Swiftthistle25Dusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
Talador Orchid1Cerulean Pigment-
Talandra's Rose325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Terocone275Nether PigmentEbon Pigment
Tiger Lily325Azure PigmentIcy Pigment
Twilight Jasmine475Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Whiptail475Ashen PigmentBurning Embers
Wild Steelbloom75Golden PigmentBurnt Pigment

Note: Mageroyal is Millable at skill 1. However it produces the same pigments as herbs that require 25 skill to mill. Fire Seed is reported millable at skill 325, however all known sources for Fire Seed have disappeared (with patch 3.0.8).

Not Millable

The following items, which may be considered herbs, are shown as not Millable:

(Thanks Whillowhim for confirming Bloodvine cannot be milled.)

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Archive Comments about Milling Skill Required

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Possible Millings?

  • Hriedmar, August 2008

    I was wondering if there was any information on the dropped herb, Heart of the Wild. Since it's not harvested directly like many other herbs, it would make sense to me either way: non-millable or millable. Just an issue of curiosity, and I love this site, so keep it up!

  • sidereal, August 2008

    There's a posting on the beta professions forums where someone tried to categorize things which were not millable.

    Fire Seed
    Fire Leaf
    Fel Blossom
    Fel Lotus 300
    Black Lotus 300
    Wildvine 210

    Basically, the rare drop herbs, like wildvine, black lotus, etc are non millable (probably removing a dependency on acquiring them). I would assume Heart of the Wild might be in the same boat.

  • el, August 2008

    I wrote a list of what herbs are Millable. However, I haven't checked all the dropped herbs: Heart of Wild is one. I suspect it is no millable, but there are unexpected quirks.

    I've been trying to check it most of the morning, but a few technical difficulties have so far prevented that... Updated: It's not millable.

    Are there any other similar "herbs" that I've missed and should check?

  • Hriedmar, August 2008

    I haven't seen any others that you've missed, El: As I've said, you've done a great job so far. I can't wait to check back in on the site when Inscription comes in full force to the Beta, when it comes out to the live realms, and when the expansion is released.

    Not that I don't visit every day already anyways.

    Thanks for the quick response.

Bloodthistle for inscription?

  • Sonalita, October 2008

    The guide here does not list bloodthistle as a herb that you can grind up for levelling 1 - 75 - does anyone know if it can be used as I have 3 stacks in my herb bag waiting...

  • el, October 2008

    Bloodthistle is not millable, so not used in Inscription. It was at the start of beta, but not now. Generally herbs that give a buff cannot be milled.

  • ScoobyDew79, October 2008

    Just a note too. Wildvine is NOT millable, however Wintersbite is.

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