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How to Mill

Milling (Skill)

The Milling ability is learnt when you first train Inscription. You will then find the ability in your Spellbook.

Each Milling requires a stack of 5 identical herbs. Almost all gathered, trade-able herbs can be Milled. Most herbs that are normally consumed raw, such as Fel Blossom, cannot be Milled. Quest-related herbs, such as Unidentified Plant Parts, cannot be Milled. Herbs carried by creatures and looted from their corpses, such as Heart of the Wild and Wildvine, cannot be milled. In addition, Black Lotus, Bloodvine and Fel Lotus cannot be milled.

The Inscription skill required to Mill herbs varies for different herbs. For a full list of herbs by skill, see Milling Skill Required. Generally, herbs found in homelands like Dun Morogh are easier to Mill then those found in places like Northrend.

To Mill a stack of herbs, simply select the Milling ability, and click on the herbs. After a few seconds, 5 herbs will be destroyed, and new items created. Each Milling uses 5 herbs, so a full stack of 20 herbs will require 4 separate Millings.

Milling does not improve your Inscription skill: It is not hard!

Herbs and Pigments

When a stack of 5 herbs are milled, you will always get one type of "primary" pigment. You will gain either 2, 3 or 4 of this pigment - an average 2.7 primary pigments per milling. You will sometimes also get a secondary pigment type, except for herbs that make Alabaster Pigment. On average 0.4 secondary pigment per milling.

The type of pigment gained depends on type of herb Milled. This is summarised in the table below. The first pigment listed you will always get. The second pigment you will gain sometimes.

There are slight differences in the average amounts of pigment gained from different herbs in the same group. It seems to depend on the Item Level of the herb. Since all herbs give very similar volumes primary pigment, the precise herb used rarely matters for Scribes using primary pigments. For secondary pigments, the highest-level herbs in each group may give twice as many pigments as the lowest-level herbs in the same group. So herb choice is much more important for secondary pigments. If you want to understand the evidence for this, read Milling Pigments.

Inscription Skill to MillMilled HerbsPigment ProducedInks Made
1Earthroot, Peacebloom and SilverleafAlabaster Pigment-Moonglow Ink
1Fireweed, Frostweed, Gorgrond Flytrap, Nagrand Arrowbloom, Starflower and Talador OrchidCerulean Pigment-
25Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Mageroyal, Stranglekelp and SwiftthistleDusky PigmentVerdant Pigment
75Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot and Wild SteelbloomGolden PigmentBurnt Pigment
125Dragon's Teeth, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn and Khadgar's WhiskerEmerald PigmentIndigo Pigment
175Arthas' Tears, Blindweed, Firebloom, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood, Purple Lotus and SungrassViolet PigmentRuby Pigment
225Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam, Icecap, Mountain Silversage and SorrowmossSilvery PigmentSapphire Pigment
275Ancient Lichen, Dreaming Glory, Felweed, Mana Thistle, Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine, Ragveil and TeroconeNether PigmentEbon Pigment
325Adder's Tongue, Deadnettle, Fire Leaf, Goldclover, Icethorn, Lichbloom, Talandra's Rose and Tiger LilyAzure PigmentIcy Pigment
425Azshara's Veil, Cinderbloom, Heartblossom, Stormvine, Twilight Jasmine and WhiptailAshen PigmentBurning Embers
500Desecrated Herb, Fool's Cap, Green Tea Leaf, Rain Poppy, Silkweed and Snow LilyShadow PigmentMisty Pigment


Inks can also be purchased direct from vendors - see Ink Traders.

Herbs make Pigments, and Pigments make Inks, and Inks make...

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Archive Comments about Milling

Below are readers' comments about "Milling":

Milling bug issue

  • Tantoroth, October 2008

    I understand this is about Milling data, but this is related to milling and doesn't seem to be covered anywhere else.

    When I go to cast "mill herbs" on whats in my bags, it will cast, and I will get nothing. No pigment, or anything. I won't lose my herbs either, it's like the cast did nothing.

    I just wanted to know if this is a common issue with the patch or should I be concerned?

    Sometimes, if I move my herbs to a different bag or seperate them into stacks of 5 it will work, but in most cases it won't change the outcome.

    As you all know it can be frustrating after spending 3 hours farming herbs, to find you can't mill a damn thing no mater what you do, then end up with a bag or two full of herbs you can't do anythign with untill they fix the bug. I would go ahead and farm more herbs for the next set of herbs, but I'm quickly runing out of bag, bank, and guild bank space. I'm honestly about to make a guild on a different charater and use the guild bank to store my stuff at this point.

  • el, October 2008

    You are not alone.

    I've still not been able to work precisely what triggers the problem. For example, I milled the first 5 of a stack of 20 Mana Thistle fine, but the remainder of the stack then behaved as you describe. I could start milling Felweed, and it would mill fine. But when I returned to the Mana Thistle, nothing would happen.

  • Werloga, October 2008

    I think many of us are having this same problem.
    I've noticed that exiting World of Warcraft and logging back in seems to do the trick. It's not sufficient to reload the UI.

  • Expand 3 more comments

    from "Milling bug issue".
  • saladin77, October 2008

    Ya this bug has been around since TBC with prospect. Actually i have never had the problem with old world ore or herbs, all though i have not tested it on enough herbs. Just log out and back in. I doubt the bug will be fixed any time soon.

  • Tantoroth, October 2008

    As always, I'm typing this up from work, so I don't have any means to testfire and troubleshoot till I get home.

    Last night and his morning I was able to trick mill through my herbs. It always seems to be the same stack in my bags... so I just made little stacks, and combined them into 5's untill I could wead-out the bugged herb I must have gathered.... See I was thinking maybe, it might just be one in the stack that is makeing the whole stack un-useable or a few in the stack. So I went through them and when I got down to one, I tossed it, and herbed again.

    Even if that works for all, it still seems like a retarded solution, that only the BIG purple crayon people would think up. No offence to the purple crayon people.

    Looks like doing the log thing might work, but I logged off over night and still had the same issue with the same stack.

    The process I listed above worked (for a desperate man), and I just left the stack there and kept working... I'm past that level herbs, but I was reluctant to even put it on the AH incase someone else ended up having the same issue with that stack...

  • Kuradora, October 2008

    I had this same problem, but I had just wizzed up to the 300's in a mere few hours. I was having the problem with a stack of 15 felweed, which was making it impossible to mill any of the felweed in my bags. Annoyed, I assumed it was the same thing as with JC - after so many stacks of the same thing, you have to wait a certain amount of time to be able to use that particular kind again. So I did the ssame thing I do with JC. I mailed them to an alt, got a different kind of herb from my mailbox, and went through about a dozen or more stacks of something else before I tried the felweed again. first time it didn't work, so I did some more stacks, and after a while the felweed went through. I'm wondering if it's a certain amount of time you have to wait, or a certain number of other milling/crafting you have to do, though of course it's possible that it is, like you say, a bug waiting to be fixed.

Possible Millings?

  • Hriedmar, August 2008

    I was wondering if there was any information on the dropped herb, Heart of the Wild. Since it's not harvested directly like many other herbs, it would make sense to me either way: non-millable or millable. Just an issue of curiosity, and I love this site, so keep it up!

  • sidereal, August 2008

    There's a posting on the beta professions forums where someone tried to categorize things which were not millable.

    Fire Seed
    Fire Leaf
    Fel Blossom
    Fel Lotus 300
    Black Lotus 300
    Wildvine 210

    Basically, the rare drop herbs, like wildvine, black lotus, etc are non millable (probably removing a dependency on acquiring them). I would assume Heart of the Wild might be in the same boat.

  • el, August 2008

    I wrote a list of what herbs are Millable. However, I haven't checked all the dropped herbs: Heart of Wild is one. I suspect it is no millable, but there are unexpected quirks.

    I've been trying to check it most of the morning, but a few technical difficulties have so far prevented that... Updated: It's not millable.

    Are there any other similar "herbs" that I've missed and should check?

  • Hriedmar, August 2008

    I haven't seen any others that you've missed, El: As I've said, you've done a great job so far. I can't wait to check back in on the site when Inscription comes in full force to the Beta, when it comes out to the live realms, and when the expansion is released.

    Not that I don't visit every day already anyways.

    Thanks for the quick response.

A question about the herbs and milling!

  • Roland-Wursti, September 2008


    first, thank you for the great Inscription Info Website.

    But I have one question about the herbs and milling.

    I need only one of the Tier herbs for milling?

    For example, milling Bloodthistle / Peacebloom / Silverleaf / Earthroot / Mageroyal has the same result and the same pigmentes?

    So, I have only to buy/farm the cheapest herb from this 5 and not all five?

    Thanks for an answer (and sorry for my bad english, its my school englisch, that I learnded in germany ^^)

    with best regards

  • el, September 2008

    From current information, what you say is correct: On average, there is no difference in the amount of pigments gained from herbs in the same group. We still need to experiment more to be 100% sure. And the profession is still not complete, so it might change.

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