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Prices for glyphs,etc

  • Kaero, October 2008

    Just wondering what everyone thinks prices will be when Inscriptioning comes out.

    I'm kinda thinking it'll be something like

    PIgments: 5-25g (Alabaster-Nether)

    Inks: 10- 50g (Ivory- Ethereal)

    Glyphs- 100-300g

    Scrolls- Already in the prices are kinda set

    Enchant parchments- figure 5-15g....maybe 20/25g for the lvl 60 required parchments

  • el, October 2008

    Prices for trainable recipes will quickly settle just above the cost of making the item, because almost everyone will be able to make these items. For low-level glyphs, that could be a couple of silver: A glyph like Backstab averages around 3-4 Peacebloom, plus a 20 copper for the parchment. Higher-level glyphs will cost a few gold (about 7 Felweed, plus 50 silver for the parchment, for something like Glyph of Mind Flay). Northrend glyphs may exceed 10g each.

    (There's currently an issue with the vendor prices for glyphs: They're all about 38 silver. If the current code goes live, any herb stack sold for less than about 2 gold should be purchased, turned into glyphs, and vendored.)

    Discoverable major glyphs will be fairly rare for a few weeks, and will allow Inscribers to charge a premium. Northrend research is a skill 385 recipe, with only a chance of discovering something. Minor discoverable glyphs should be rare (it takes 2 months to find them all), but will not be, because minor discoveries can be made by level 5 alts - there are lots of those about.

    (That's the second money-making reason to roll Inscription on your low-level alts...)

    I originally thought people would sell pigments and not inks. But now the recipes have been simplified, so that (with 1 exception) each ink uses a unique pigment, ink-selling may occur instead.

    Overall, Inscription is a fundamentally low-cost, high volume profession, very similar to Alchemy. That's why we're so concerned that it doesn't have a clear, highly used consumable yet...

  • Noor, October 2008

    Yes, scrolls are the obvious consumable, but they don't seem to be cost-effective with materials; glyphs could be consumable, but adding the lexicons of power prevent people from changing glyphs in instances, which knocks out another potential market (especially with only 2 major glyph slots before level 80). I think reducing scroll materials a bit more, and removing the lexicon requirement would help. Another would be adding scrolls that work like some potions that persist through death.

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  • Yoco, October 2008

    After having played a bit with Inscription on the PTR, I'm somewhat puzzled about what Blizzard has intended for the pricing of glyphs.

    There are glyphs that will be popular, and glyphs that noone will use. There will be glyphs that are cheap to make, and glyphs that are more expensive to make. But those two things seem to be totally unrelated - there are plenty of very popular glyphs that can be made soon after picking up inscription, at a low cost, and there are also quite some expensive glyphs for which I suspect the market is small. Inscription is the first tradeskill where cost of crafting any main product (that is: glyphs) seems to be more or less decoupled from the 'value' of that item. Though Inscribers will learn to note the difference soon enough, I can imagine that non-inscribers buying glyphs will be pretty confused about glyph pricing.

    The only thing I can predict now is that minor glyphs will (initially) sell for more than major glyphs - not because of their functionality, but because of their rarity (blizzard fixed the discovery cooldown in the latest patch). And this will probably also come as a surprise to non-inscribers - "hey, this is a 'minor' glyph, doesn't that mean it should be cheaper?".

    Anyone having more thoughts about what will happen when inscription finally launches? (Which is not unlikely to be next week's maintenance day)

  • Yender, October 2008

    I'm not looking forward to having to explain how inscription works to people. Most of the people I made glyphs for in the PTR didn' seem to understand it :(

    I'm not sure how much I will sell my gylphs for. Maybe I'll give a load to my guild and then see how much they are going for on the auction house.

  • Noor, October 2008

    Current prices for major glyphs on a low-pop server (Maiev) are around 25-35G on the first day of the patch.

  • ymck, October 2008

    Hey there. Update from my server (nordssril). Glyphs are anywhere from 8G to 75G. They started out with a 20G base and moved up from there. Also I am testing minor glyphs at around 100g.. and I have takers. Which is nice but scary. :)

  • Tantoroth, October 2008

    I picked up the profession the day it was released to the public. On Bronzebeard, Glyphs are roing for 8-300g depending on the rarity. I'm selling mine for standard prices, and giving them to my guildees, as I'm the GM of my guild.

  • Blizkin, October 2008

    In the first 36 hours of patch release I have made 4500g. The bubble is now burst unless you learn a minor that is hot! I am a little furious over the people posting glyphs up there in AH for 1s. Very annoying. Also a tip. One of my alts did not have a second profession so I used a few stacks of Silverleaf to get to Inscription level 75 so that she can learn Minor Glyphs as well. This way I am learning 2 every 20 hours. I will keep doing this until my main knows all the minors.

    Also on the second day I didn't learn a glyph. It gave me 2 Scrolls of Recall ;(

  • Jordomazing, October 2008

    The inscription bubble lasted longer than expected, though prices have dropped considerably given that hundreds of players/server are leveling inscription. I stockpiled herbs for the last month or two and have made just over 20k gold selling both glyphs and herbs on Kel'Thuzad since the patch. For about a day I was routinely selling stacks of Goldthorn and Khadgar's for upwards of 69 g -- which is ridiculous.

    The majority of glyphs sell now for 1-10g, with a few notable exceptions like Glyph of Crusader's Strike and Glyph of Water Mastery which still fetch 30-50 g. Useful minor glyphs sell for the same if not more, but each day means more and more people discover them and undercut war the prices to nominal levels.

    Like others have mentioned, leveling multiple alt's inscription is a great way to build your minor glyph resume; although you run the risk of getting repeats (I have three toons with Glyph of Revive Pet -- ownt).

    I anticipate the demand to drop considerably proportionate to supply over the next few days to the point that slim profits will be made transforming herbs into glyphs. When Northrend Inscription Research becomes available there will be spike in new glyph prices but as a whole I think it will be difficult for inscription to keep parity with alchemy in terms of profitability due to a lack of universally used consumables.

Downloadable Glyph list?

  • Newbs, October 2008

    Hi El, I love the site, I've used it before for fishing and am now using it for Inscriptions.

    I was wondering if there is any way you could post a list of all the glyphs, either by class or all together, that we could download and easily print. I've tried to print your pages as they are, but they get cut off. I copied and pasted them into Word but couldn't get them working right. A downloadable list would be awesome if you have the raw data and it's easy to do. Or even a list that can be printed easier from the website.

    I've found Glyph lists elsewhere, but none of them have all the info (skill, class, description) all in one handy list like you do!

    Thanks again for all your hard work regardless!

  • el, October 2008

    Each page has a separate styling which only applies when printing, precisely so that they should print out neatly... But I agree, they were very messy in most browsers. I have tried to improve things a little, but browser support is still not perfect. I'll have another look later, to see if it can be made better still.

    (Technically: The CSS "page-break-inside: avoid;" seems to be ignored by most browsers because table rows are not block elements - so browsers continue to break table rows half-way down. It's very annoying.)

  • totalybadical, January 2011

    i am actully working on a Spreadsheet with full glyph layout, mat quantity. its very clean and printer friendly.

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  • Triquetra, November 2011

    I also could not get the pages to print friendly nor could I find a spreadsheet anywhere on the web. Soooo, I created one as I leveled my inscription. It's a very user friendly and print friendly Excel sheet, but I currently have nowhere to upload it too for all to enjoy. El, if you would like it, will be more than happy to send it to ya. It's up to date as of 11/23/11 but may have a minor mistake here or there as no one has proofed it yet.

  • el, November 2011

    You're welcome to send it to [email protected] . I won't host it myself, since I need to keep everything here up to date. But it is possible that I could produce a version which updates along with the rest of the data here.

  • el, November 2011

    I've added 2 raw data files, one for Glyphs, one for other Inscription items:

    You may need to use "Save File As" in your browser.

    These are currently correct for patch 4.3, but will subsequently update with the rest of the site. There are only a few changes between 4.2 and 4.3.

    My aim is not to provide a beautifully formatted spreadsheet. Rather to provide the simplest form of data to allow you to do what you want. Feedback/suggestions/errors please.


    • Data will be updated with new patches and discoveries. The data structure will normally remain unchanged. However patches (and especially expansions) often introduce new types of data, so it is possible that the number and position of columns will change in the future.
    • The first row contains column header names. Subsequent rows contain data.
    • The data lists all items that can be made using the Inscription profession. Only recipes that can be trained (learned, discovered) are listed.
    • Items and parts are referred to by Name (as in game, except rare double quotes are converted to single quotes), the Volume made or (for parts) required to make the item, and the standard numeric ID (useful to linking to sites such as Wowhead, or uniquely identifying an item). Note that a few "items" actually only exist as spells. These are listed with ID 0.
    • Cost to train is shown as Copper Equivalent, where 1 Silver is worth 100 Copper, 1 Gold worth 10,000 Copper.
    • Skill-Ups While Orange show the number of skill-points gained when the item is made while at Orange skill (the figure is normally shown with an upward arrow).
    • Up to 8 different component parts can be used to make an item - although most recipes use fewer. The 8 limit is (curiously) imposed by Blizzard's own data structure. The order in which components appear is alphabetical. So if you are searching for items that are made with a specific part, you will need to check all columns.

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