Summarises Inscription changes in Cataclysm. Cataclysm is the 3rd expansion to the World of Warcraft. On this page:

Warning: Archive content. Information here is no longer correct. Refer to the main chapters of El's Inscription for current information.

Special thanks to Kaliope and Yoco for confirming many of the details here.


Cataclysm adds a new Illustrious rank, which raises the maximum Inscription skill to 525. The requirements for becoming an Illustrious Scribe are at least 425 Inscription, and level 75 or above. Cost 50g (before reputation reductions).

In addition to Inscription trainers, multi-profession trainers can be found around Azeroth, especially in the towns in starting zones. These trainers teach all primary professions, including Inscription.

The recipes taught by trainers now depend on what expansion you have, not the location of the trainer.

Herbs, Milling and Inks

Cataclysm adds a new tier of herbs, milled pigments and inks. Details are not fully confirmed, but the patterns seems to be the same as previous tiers. Cataclysm-level herbs:

Cataclysm-level herbs are shown below, based on Dwarven data mining. Milling requires much higher skill than in WotLK - 500 Inscription skill to mill the hardest herbs, rather than 325.

Herb Levels
Inscription Skill to MillHerbItem Level
450Azshara's Veil82
475Twilight Jasmine85
500Desecrated Herb85
500Green Tea Leaf85
500Rain Poppy85
500Snow Lily87
500Fool's Cap88

In addition, several Old-Azeroth herbs have changed name:

Jessica Sellers still trades inks in Dalaran, however all inks are sold for Blackfallow Ink instead of Ink of the Sea. All inks cost 1 Blackfallow Ink, except Ethereal Ink, Snowfall Ink and Inferno Ink, which cost 10 Blackfallow Ink.

Master Inscriptions

The main personal benefit of Inscription is your choice of 4 new Master Inscriptions. These can be applied to your own shoulder armor. Minimum Inscription skill 500:

Non-scribes use shoulder enchants that require Therazane reputation, which is gained by questing in Deepholm. Compared to the Therazane Exalted shoulders, the Inscriptions above give an extra 80 Intellect, 120 Stamina, 80 Strength, or 80 Agility. Scribes also don't need to spend time gaining Therazane reputation.


Cataclysm Glyph Interface
Cataclysm Glyph Interface - Revised for Mists of Pandaria.

Glyphs are now learned once, then known forever. Fresh glyphs will not need to be repurchased when changed. Learnt glyphs can be swapped. Each swap requires a reagent: Vanishing Powder for those level 80 or below, Dust of Disappearance for those above level 80. These reagents can be made by Scribes or purchased from Inscription Suppliers - Vanish Powder for 8s, Dust of Disappearance (Cataclysm only) for 10g.

All glyphs (even those not yet learnt) are displayed in the Glyphs screen (next to Talents). The list can be searched.

There are 3 types of glyphs (originally defined by Ghostcrawler):

As before, you start with no glyph slots. At levels 25, 50 and 75, you will gain 1 extra slot for each type of glyph. At level 75 and above, 3 glyphs of each type can be used, 9 in total.

Details of specific glyphs are considered alongside talents, so are best described by other sources (such as Wowhead or MMO-Champion).

Glyph Conversion

Most pre-Cataclysm glyphs convert directly into a Cataclysm glyph, even where the name or type has changed. This change should apply to recipes, unused glyphs, and previously applied glyphs.

Glyphs are made using 3 of the same ink, rather than 1 (or sometimes 2) in WotLK. This change at least doubles the (herb) cost of manufacturing glyphs. Goblin investors may try and profit by making glyphs using the pre-patch ingredients, then selling their glyphs after the patch for higher (auction house) prices.

However, profit is not without risk: There are a few exceptions, where recipes are forgotten and previously produced glyphs become "Charred Glyphs". Charred Glyphs can be sold to vendors for 50s, but are otherwise worthless:

A full list of conversions, including glyphs that are expected to change name, can be found at the bottom of this page.


Scribes continue to make Off Hands and Scrolls (including a new group-buff Runescroll of Fortitude II), and a new tier of Darkmoon Cards: Darkmoon Card of Destruction.

New types of scribe-made products are:

Vellum now comes in one type only. The same Vellum is used for weapon and armor enchants, regardless of level. Pre-Cataclysm vellums either automatically convert directly into the new Vellum type, or become Charred Vellum. Charred Vellum is converted into the new click on use ((click it)). None of the old Vellum types will be wasted.

Still unconfirmed (probably untrainable) are "Cataclysm Reclamations" for Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking and Tailoring. These promise to teach a random recipe for their profession. They require 500 skill in their profession to use. These may replace the originally reported Alchemist's Tarot.

New Trainable Inscriptions

There are several new recipes trainable below 445 skill:

1 new Northrend Inscription Research discovery is possible - Glyph of Living Bomb. Minor Research discoveries include Glyph of Furious Sundering (Glyph of the Treant is also expected, but not yet confirmed). A Book of Glyph Mastery can be used to discover at least Glyph of Colossus Smash (Glyph of Vanish is also expected, but not yet confirmed).

Note that the recipes for all existing glyphs now use 3 inks (of the same type), increased from 1 or 2 before.

All recipes requiring skill 445 or higher cost 2g to train (before reputation reductions).

Only the 2 "Alchemy and Inscription" vendors in the Twilight Highlands (Una Kobuna in Dragonmaw Port for Horde, Casandra Downs in Highbank for Alliance) sell the unusual items used to make relics - Bleached Jawbone, Deathwing Scale Fragment, Preserved Ogre Eye, Scavenged Dragon Horn, and Silver Charm Bracelet. These vendors are only available after the initial Twilight Highlands quests have been completed. These quests require at least level 84. Alternatively, these unusual items can rarely be found in Flame-Scarred Junkbox, pickpocketed by Rogues.

New Non-Trainable Inscriptions

Recipes for the 2 of the Origami items are reported to be world drops from Cataclysm zones - Technique: Origami Rock (skill 490), and Technique: Origami Slime (skill 480). The source of Technique: Origami Beetle is unknown.

Appendix: Pre-Cataclysm Glyph Conversions

The table below shows patch 3.3 glyphs that are expected to convert into something different with patch 4.0. This comes from comparing raw data - specifically item IDs.

Glyphs that are not shown below are expected to be usable glyphs in patch 4.0, with the same name as before - but perhaps with a different function when applied.

Expected Pre-Cataclysm Glyph Conversions
ClassPatch 3.3 GlyphPatch 4.0 Glyph
Death KnightGlyph of Blood StrikeGlyph of Blood Boil
Death KnightGlyph of Corpse ExplosionGlyph of Path of Frost
Death KnightGlyph of Dark CommandCharred Glyph [Dark Command]
Death KnightGlyph of Dark DeathGlyph of Death Coil
Death KnightGlyph of DiseaseCharred Glyph [Disease]
Death KnightGlyph of Icebound FortitudeCharred Glyph [Icebound Fortitude]
Death KnightGlyph of PestilenceGlyph of Resilient Grip
Death KnightGlyph of Plague StrikeGlyph of Pestilence
Death KnightGlyph of Raise DeadGlyph of Raise Ally
Death KnightGlyph of the GhoulGlyph of Raise Dead
Death KnightGlyph of Unbreakable ArmorGlyph of Pillar of Frost
Death KnightGlyph of Unholy BlightCharred Glyph [Unholy Blight]
DruidGlyph of ClawGlyph of Ferocious Bite
DruidGlyph of Rapid RejuvenationCharred Glyph [Rapid Rejuvenation]
DruidGlyph of Survival InstinctsCharred Glyph [Survival Instincts]
HunterGlyph of Frost TrapGlyph of Ice Trap
HunterGlyph of Hunter's MarkGlyph of Misdirection
HunterGlyph of Multi-ShotGlyph of Silencing Shot
HunterGlyph of Possessed StrengthCharred Glyph [Possessed Strength]
HunterGlyph of the HawkGlyph of the Dazzled Prey
HunterGlyph of VolleyCharred Glyph [Volley]
MageGlyph of Arcane ExplosionCharred Glyph [Arcane Explosion]
MageGlyph of Eternal WaterGlyph of Mana Shield
MageGlyph of Fire BlastCharred Glyph [Fire Blast]
MageGlyph of Fire WardCharred Glyph [Fire Ward]
MageGlyph of Frost ArmorGlyph of Conjuring
MageGlyph of Frost WardGlyph of the Monkey
MageGlyph of Ice ArmorGlyph of Pyroblast
MageGlyph of Improved ScorchCharred Glyph [Improved Scorch]
MageGlyph of Living BombGlyph of Slow
MageGlyph of Mana GemCharred Glyph [Mana Gem]
MageGlyph of Remove CurseGlyph of Cone of Cold
MageGlyph of Water ElementalGlyph of Dragon's Breath
PaladinGlyph of Avenger's ShieldGlyph of Focused Shield
PaladinGlyph of Avenging WrathGlyph of the Ascetic Crusader
PaladinGlyph of Blessing of WisdomGlyph of Insight
PaladinGlyph of Divine StormGlyph of Templar's Verdict
PaladinGlyph of Flash of LightGlyph of Word of Glory
PaladinGlyph of Holy LightGlyph of Divine Favor
PaladinGlyph of Righteous DefenseGlyph of Righteousness
PaladinGlyph of Seal of BloodGlyph of Holy Wrath
PaladinGlyph of Seal of CommandGlyph of Rebuke
PaladinGlyph of Seal of LightGlyph of Seal of Insight
PaladinGlyph of Seal of RighteousnessGlyph of Dazing Shield
PaladinGlyph of Seal of VengeanceGlyph of Seal of Truth
PaladinGlyph of Seal of WisdomGlyph of Light of Dawn
PaladinGlyph of Sense UndeadGlyph of Truth
PaladinGlyph of Shield of RighteousnessGlyph of Shield of the Righteous
PaladinGlyph of Spiritual AttunementGlyph of Divine Protection
PaladinGlyph of the WiseGlyph of Justice
PriestGlyph of Mind FlayGlyph of Shadow Word: Pain
PriestGlyph of Shadow Word: PainGlyph of Mind Flay
RogueGlyph of Ghostly StrikeGlyph of Revealing Strike
RogueGlyph of Hunger For BloodGlyph of Vendetta
RogueGlyph of VanishGlyph of Poisons
RogueGlyph of VigorGlyph of Kick
ShamanGlyph of LavaGlyph of Lava Burst
ShamanGlyph of Lesser Healing WaveGlyph of Totemic Recall
ShamanGlyph of Mana Tide TotemGlyph of Grounding Totem
ShamanGlyph of Totem of WrathGlyph of Shamanistic Rage
ShamanGlyph of Water MasteryGlyph of Water Shield
ShamanGlyph of Water ShieldGlyph of the Arctic Wolf
WarlockGlyph of Searing PainGlyph of Soul Swap
WarlockGlyph of Siphon LifeCharred Glyph [Siphon Life]
WarlockGlyph of SuccubusGlyph of Seduction
WarriorGlyph of Barbaric InsultsCharred Glyph [Barbaric Insults]
WarriorGlyph of BlockingGlyph of Shield Slam
WarriorGlyph of BloodrageGlyph of Berserker Rage
WarriorGlyph of BloodthirstGlyph of Bloody Healing
WarriorGlyph of ChargeGlyph of Long Charge
WarriorGlyph of Enraged RegenerationGlyph of Intimidating Shout
WarriorGlyph of ExecutionGlyph of Bloodthirst
WarriorGlyph of HamstringGlyph of Piercing Howl
WarriorGlyph of Heroic StrikeGlyph of Heroic Throw
WarriorGlyph of Last StandCharred Glyph [Last Stand]
WarriorGlyph of Mocking BlowGlyph of Demoralizing Shout
WarriorGlyph of RendingGlyph of Slam
WarriorGlyph of TauntCharred Glyph [Taunt]
WarriorGlyph of VigilanceGlyph of Furious Sundering
WarriorGlyph of WhirlwindGlyph of Raging Blow

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Archive Comments about Cataclysm

Below are readers' comments about "Cataclysm":

Cataclysm Inscription

  • Shifty, April 2010

    I would just like to start by saying hello to all fellow scribes. Thanks for viewing my post.

    Now, with the upcoming Cataclysm release, I've been wondering about glyphs in Cata. I'm afraid that the current glyphs will still outweigh the new ones (if they create new ones), keeping the market for glyphs the same, which is good for some servers and worse for others.

    I don't think Blizzard would make the new glyphs OP, making them a definate need, maybe they would, who knows? How do you guys see Inscription in Cataclysm? Rare glyphs maybe? EPIC GLYPHS?

  • Thay, April 2010

    Hard to say, they could start making glyphs that are Level restricted.
    At the moment the only restriction is that of when you get the talent, this may change in Cata.

    Also a lot of the current Glyphs will need to be re-done or removed since they are re-building the talent trees.

    This gives us the possibility of Glyphs affecting Mastery's as well.
    Oh, and of course there are all the new talents from 81-85 that can be brand new Glyphs.

    Eg Smoke Bomb - Minor Glyph of Smoke - Add green dye into the smoke to make the smoke bomb be green.....

    This is aside from the new Lv85 off-hand items and other craftables that they can add.

  • el, April 2010

    This is going to be interesting for a couple of reasons:

    Many of the features that we originally thought would go into Inscription appear to be going into Archaeology instead. So I doubt there will be anything radically new in Cataclysm Inscription.

    Glyphs have never been tiered. There's no progression from a lesser stat to a better stat - each glyph does something entirely unique, and most scale with spells anyway - a glyph "gets better" because your other gear got better. While new/changed spells and abilities will occur in Cataclysm, it is hard to see how there will suddenly be hundreds of new glyphs added. Unless large numbers of old glyphs are retained in spite of having no purpose (like the Warlock Glyph of Souls - a spell for which mana is irrelvant, because it isn't used in combat).

    Inscription was poorly balanced relative to the rest of the economy. Not only the low demand for glyphs compared to the ease of making them. But also the way Old Azeroth herbs were just as likely to be required for a "good" glyph as Northrend herbs. Lack of flight in Old Azeroth meant that auction prices for low-level herbs could be higher than Northrend-level herbs, which never fitted the logic of the rest of the game. The Ink Trader leveled prices, but ultimately just diluted the herb economy, by making all herbs rather similar (for Scribes, at least). That could be addressed in Cataclysm, which is logically a good opportunity to rework pre-expansion elements of professions.

    Lastly, the role of a minor glyphs could be reviewed. I know for a Warlock, it's a real struggle to fill 3 slots with anything that even sounds like it might be useful. In contrast to (depending on spec' and role), some major glyphs we are more-or-less game-changingly essential. Minor glyphs could become more like diluted versions of major glyphs. Or they could become entirely cosmetic.

  • Expand 10 more comments

    from "Cataclysm Inscription".
  • Tayluca, September 2010

    In regards to training new recipes, can anyone confirm how we will learn the new recipes? i.e All of them from the profession trainers, book of glyph mastery or maybe a new type of mastery book in the xpac, drops from instances, etc? So far all I've seen is info from the profession trainers. Should I be stocking up on book of glyph mastery despite having all current recipes just in case?

  • el, September 2010

    So far, everything we know about is trainable. However, there are no new glyphs yet, and only very minor changes to pre-Cataclysm Inscription.

  • Yoco, September 2010

    Due to bugs I lost all my recipes before even being able to use my inscription skill for the first time, and I assume the same is true for many other scribes on the beta.

    Using northern and minor inscription research taught me recipes, but those were recipes my live character already knows, not truly 'new' recipes. I have no idea if those forms of research, or the glyph mastery books, will teach new recipes, but testing that may take a long time. I did notice that some glyphs are mentioned in the new glyph tab of the talent window that I haven't seen a recipe for yet (and are not taught by the trainer).

    I haven't seens any 'new' kind of research or books yet.

  • Tayluca, September 2010

    Thank you El and Yoco. I was not extended a beta invitation this time around so I'm even more grateful for this site and other's like it. I've enjoyed reading all of the updates you've all been posting very much. Thanks for your hard work!

  • el, September 2010

    One possibility is that Book of Glyph Mastery will also drop in Cataclysm zones. This is logical for 2 reasons:

    1. There will be less (player) activity in Northrend, so fewer books would end up in circulation, forcing people to farm Northerend mobs, which is precisely what new expansions never encourage - they'd much rather you were in new zones.
    2. The number of glyphs has fallen slightly, and shows no sign of increasing. I listed a few specific glyphs that have been removed (technically Charred) here. Where new glyphs have been added, they are conversions of old glyphs**.

    (I will try and post a full list of glyph conversions later, but the data is still very buggy, and sometimes the recipe names don't match the name of the glyph made, which makes it hard to be sure what is bugged and what is intended.)

    (** Normally there is no change to training method - the main exception is where the type of the glyph has changed - for example, a major glyph that has become a minor, may now be learnt from Minor Research, not a trainer, and vice versa.)

  • Hagu, September 2010

    In 10 (or 3 or 17 ...) days, 4.0.1 will hit. I am confused.

    In the "month" between 4.0.1 and cata, is your current-best-guess-subject-to-change:

    We can train our max prof level to 525, we can learn to make, for example, the scrolls, but we can not make any because the ink cant be made cause the herbs are not yet in the game?

    Does and armor vellum I, II and III all transform 1-to-1 into the new vellum when 4.0.1 hits?

  • el, September 2010

    4.0.1 is absolutely riddled with bugs at the moment. I'd be surprised to see it on live realms so soon.

    Training above 450 requires the Cataclysm expansion. There are only a couple of genuinely new recipes on the PTR - all below 450, using existing inks. The big changes are to existing recipes - the glyphs themselves and the volume of ink needed.

    Vellums appear (from the data) to either automatically convert to the new vellum, or become "Ruined Vellum", which has a "Use: Restore to a useable Enchanting Vellum." So it looks like no vellum will be lost - you may just have a lot of clicking to do.

  • Hagu, September 2010

    Thanks for everything in general as well as the above reply in particular.

    Re "4.0.1 is absolutely riddled with bugs at the moment. I'd be surprised to see it on live realms so soon." - I was working off the MMOC Nov 2 date. Today's Amazon date seems more credible at the moment.

    So prior to 4.0.1 we need whatever stockpiled we want, dump soon-to-be charred glyphs

    during 4.0.1 there is little to no new recipes to train? Just selling transformed glyphs, new cookie cutter glyphs and filling up completionists' glyph books.

    cata day: train, learn new glyphs, sell to goblins/worgens levelers

    cata plus a month or so: a pretty small part of inscription sales is glyphs would be my guess

    Thanks again.

  • North, December 2010

    So what are the impressions of Inscription so far in Cata?

    I made good money from Darkmoon cards (Nobles) soon after WotLK released, but the cards are not selling as well this xpac. This is likely because the BiS trinkets are easily obtained from other sources.

    I find this similar with the OH items / relics, and although I have sold the blue items I crafted while leveling inscription, the basic mats that generated them would probably have netted me more in the current econ.

    I'm interested to hear other's experiences. I'm not interested in micromanaging large volumes of glyphs on AH, so am I sunk in regards to cashflow this xpac?

  • Reynn, December 2010

    North wrote:

    So what are the impressions of Inscription so far in Cata?

    Basically I've made a few relics/off hands for myself, alts and friends/guildies. They aren't selling since they aren't anywhere near BIS and the mats are prohibitive compared to the effort needed to get the alternatives.

    I've made enough cards for my own volcano deck, but the extras aren't selling well. Worse, the prices for those that do sell are plummeting. I managed to sell a few at 2k, but now prices are quickly dropping to a bit more than 1k. I was lucky so I only have about 10 extras after getting my deck.

    Honestly, the best money maker right now is selling the inks. But even that isn't as good as just selling the herbs!

    The "permanent" glyphs in Cata really undercut 90% of the reason that inscription is a profession. Kinda wondering how long I'll keep it unless they make it suck a bit less. /shrug

Stupid Question

  • Earthenware, January 2011

    Sorry about this, but where does my Scribe learn new glyphs in Cataclysm? The trainer in Org doesn't have any for me. Do I have to go back to Northrend Research and Books of Glyph Mastery?

  • el, January 2011

    There is no new way to learn glyphs in Cataclysm... but there are also very few new glyphs in Cataclysm.

Cata fishing dailies (Alliance)

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